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StudioZap. Cool tools for photographers.™

Introducing StudioZap Suite!

Productivity + Creativity is a powerful combination, and StudioZap Suite gives you even more power!

Here at StudioZap, we've developed some cool tools that will help take your studio to the next level. By increasing your production efficiency, you'll increase your bottom line, even while offering more products to your clients that will help differentiate your studio in this competitive market. Remember... image is everything!

We are proud to present these tools, designed by photographers, for photographers:

Proofs & Prints

Proofs & Prints BadgeThe ultimate Photoshop template tool massively decreases your production time! Quickly create awesome looking proofs — from loose "art proofs" with sloppy borders to multi-image proofbook pages and proof magazines to filename-labeled web galleries — as well as unique multi-image print products with just a few clicks of the mouse. And all from right within Photoshop. Learn more...

Eazy Mats™

Eazy Mats BadgeThe easiest way to create realistic looking photo mats in Photoshop and add to your bottom line. Just make a selection (in any shape: square, rectangle, circle, oval, heart... whatever!) and activate Eazy Mats. Then choose from over 35 mat textures and 9 mat core color/thickness combinations to create your mat with just a click! Learn more...

Guide Wizard

Guide Wizard BadgeEver wish you could create a new document and have some useful guides already in place to help design that new template? Or add a bunch of precisely-positioned guides to an existing document to help with layout? Once you've used Guide Wizard, you'll be lost without it. It's the perfect “File > New...” replacement! Learn more...

Albums & Collages

Albums & Collages BadgeQuickly and easily place multiple images into a Photoshop document. If you create album pages, collages or composites, Albums & Collages ensures maximum image quality... and saves you time. Learn more...

Compare to... JHartman's QuickMats and QuickProofs, PixelCreatorPro's ProofBuilder, Pixel Creator, Pixopolis, Mat Maker, EZMats Designer, Collage Builder, PhotoPackage, Proof Maker, AutoLoader and more!