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StudioZap Albums & Collages

Place and manipulate images with no loss of quality.

New in version 3! The amazing Insert Image tool plus Bridge labelling in Super Placer

Albums & Collages has several parts: First is the mega-powerful Insert Image tool that allows you to quickly and easily add images to an existing documents or manually populate a Proofs & Prints template. Next is Super Placer, a tool that places multiple images into an existing Photoshop document. Both of these tools allow the placed images to be resized bigger or smaller, rotated and otherwise “tweaked” without any loss of quality! Finally, a set of Photoshop actions make it easy to manipulate the placed images into an album page or a collage.

Go to the tutorials section and watch a short video demonstrating the new Insert Image tool!

One of the key benefits of both Insert Image and Super Placer is that when you manipulate the images—such as rotating and/or resizing them over and over to get them looking “just right”—the original image quality will always be maintained.

What Super Placer looks like

Super Placer user interface

The Actions

The actions included with Albums & Collages are designed to improve efficiency by making common tasks as simple as clicking a button. Quickly make images a little bigger or smaller. Tilt them to the left or right. Add drop shadows and borders. Actions Sample Add color bars. Change the stacking order. Convert placed images to black and white or sepia and then back to color again. Split a document into separate left and right documents (perfect for saving a double-page spread as individual JPEGs!) All with just a click of your mouse...

Key Features

  • Placed images preserve maximum image quality, even after multiple discrete resizes, rotations and other manipulations—even if you close the document and re-open it later.
  • Placed image layers are automatically labeled with filename
  • Optionally interfaces with Adobe Bridge to select which images to place
  • When using Bridge for image selection, the label in Bridge can be automatically updated to make it easy to keep track of which images you've already used. A huge help when creating albums!
  • Optionally apply any defined Photoshop style to placed images (to add image effects, drop shadows, borders, etc.)
  • Images are intelligently placed in target document
  • Working with placed images is totally transparent to the user — no special steps are required to save the document
  • Runs directly in Photoshop for maximum image quality — there are no extra, cumbersome “always on top” applications that are “always in your way” (and consuming memory)
  • Simple to use, with pop-up tooltips on all items:
    HelpTip sample
  • Remembers last-used settings for improved efficiency