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Name Summary
Introducing Insert ImageA quick introduction to the powerful “Insert Image” tool that is part of StudioZap Suite 3
Creating a 9-Opening Double MatDemonstration video showing how quickly and easily you can create a custom, nine-image double-mat in about 90 seconds using just Guide Wizard and Eazy Mats.


Name Summary
Installing StudioZap SuiteA walk through showing how to install the StudioZap Suite package and then configure the tools in Photoshop.
Creating and Using a 5x7 Proof TemplateLearn how to create a single-image, dual-orientation template from scratch and then use it with Proofs & Prints.
The Insert Image Tool and Third-Party TemplatesIt is often possible to use the “Insert Image” tool even with third-party templates to increase your productivity
Making a Double Mat with Eazy MatsCutting Eazy Mats is as simple as making a selection. This video shows you how to quickly and easily take a photograph of any size and double-mat it up to a standard size.
Making a Proofs & Prints-aware Double Mat TemplateDemonstrates one method for creating a double-matted template that can be auto-populated by Proofs & Prints or the Insert Image tool.
B-A-B-Y Mat TutorialA quick tutorial showing how to create the B-A-B-Y Mat as documented in the step-by-step "Creating Lettered Mats" section of the User's Guide. Also demonstrates how easy it is to automatically fill the template with Proofs & Prints.
Creating a 16x16 6-image Collage TemplateA nice overview of using Guide Wizard, Proofs & Prints and Eazy Mats together to quickly and easily create a 16"x16" custom collage print, suitable for framing. (Original collage concept courtesy of Jennifer Branch.)
Bonus: Convert Proofs & Prints to ProSelectHow to install and use the Convert Proofs & Prints to ProSelect bonus tool
Bonus: Convert Proofs & Prints to ProSelect v2!Using the new Convert Proofs & Prints to ProSelect bonus tool

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