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#1 Mar 07 2009 12:42:54


Automatically create graphical template overlays for ProSelect

Now available for anyone who has purchased StudioZap Suite 3 is the free Proofs & Prints to ProSelect Converter version 2.

The first version of the ProSelect converter tool took any template that was compatible with Proofs & Prints and exported it to a template file that could be imported in to ProSelect. The new version adds support for also creating "graphical overlays", a feature that was added in the latest version of ProSelect. This allows you to take any template (including third-party album and card templates from professional designers that can be easily tweaked for compatibility with P&P) and lay out albums and cards with your client in real-time via ProSelect. Later, you can use StudioZap's powerful "Insert Image" function to quickly create the lab-ready product directly in Photoshop -- without having to invest in and learn the high-res production tools in the "Pro" version of ProSelect, which has limitations compared to doing it directly.

One such limitation is that ProSelect does not support templates with "tilted" images. The converter has an option to automatically "un-rotate" any tilted images before exporting them. If you don't enable this option, then the size of the template opening in ProSelect is automatically enlarged so that there aren't any unsightly "gaps" in the diagonal regions when ProSelect inserts the un-tilted image.)

You can watch a short tutorial video on how to use the Proofs & Prints to ProSelect Converter v2 in the Tutorials section. StudioZap users can login to the Client Center and go to the Downloads section to get their free copy of this bonus utility.


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