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#1 Aug 20 2009 10:09:26


Popular 5x30 SENIOR double-mat template updated for '10

By request, this popular 5x30 double-mat template has been updated for the class of 2010.


After inserting images into the template (automatically using Proofs & Prints or one-at-a-time with the "Insert Image" tool), fill each of the Mat layers with the desired color. Then select each Mat layer individually, run Eazy Mats, select a texture and click the "Change Mat" button to add a realistic mat texture.

Available for download in the Template Library.

By the way, if you are looking for an inexpensive source for frames for your 5x30 prints, GW Moulding (no affiliation, just a satisfied customer) offers great looking wood frames in black (moulding 60135-B) or white (moulding 60135-W). This double-mat template looks terrific and very realistic when framed!


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