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#1 Nov 03 2009 21:13:13


Easy torn-edge template effects

In the forums a client recently asked how to create a "torn edge" effect for use in a Proofs & Prints template. As a result, the following example template is now available in the Template Library. The download also contains a Tool Preset file for Photoshop with a couple custom brushes that make creating the torn-edge look very easy!


A couple notes about using this template:

1. Set the "Placement Mode" in Proofs & Prints to "Crop" instead of the more typical "Crop & Auto-rotate". The image regions in the template are slightly wider than square, and if you use "Crop & Auto-rotate", your portrait-orientation images will be automatically rotated.

2. If you enable the "Keep last created document open" option, you can use the Move tool after P&P is done to adjust the position of the automatically-inserted images.

3. The template contains an Effects group that automatically applies an "old, faded photo" look to the inserted images -- you can disable this layer as desired.


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