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#1 Nov 20 2009 17:32:51


Deluxe 20x10 image gallery template

A great template courtesy of Mark O'Connell is now available in the Template Library!


Mark says this image gallery print is very popular with clients, which is easy to believe!

Although the template in the library is 20" x 10", remember that you can easily create other sizes by just loading the .psd file into Photoshop, selecting the "Image > Image Size..." menu option, and resizing it. 30" x 15", 16" x 8" and 10" x 5" (which makes for a great desk-sized add-on!) would be other sizes to consider saving as new templates.

(If you check the "Keep last created document open" option and uncheck "Save as PSD" and "Save as JPEG", then when Proofs & Prints is done populating the template you can quickly edit the name, adjust the position of the inserted images, and change the background/border color.)

Thanks Mark! And if you have a great template you'd like to share, use the "Contact" page to get in touch.


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