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#1 Jan 19 2010 14:49:38


3x3 Accordion Mini-Album Template "Izzy"

Our second designer template created exclusively for StudioZap clients is now available: another terrific looking 3"x3" accordion mini-album:


Like our first accordion mini-album template, all of the pages that have non-square image regions support either horizontal or vertical images automatically, and the template can be auto-populated with either Proofs & Prints or the "Insert Image" tool. No need to manually open each image, copy it from one document to another, drag it to the right place, deal with clipping masks, and then resize it until it fits right! smile

StudioZap clients can download the Izzy accordion mini-album from the Template Library.

This template was created by the talented Mandy Andy Designs. Be sure to check out her web site for other matching elements that coordinate with this design for use in other projects!


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