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#1 Feb 19 2007 10:21:35


StudioZap Suite 2.0 Released!

A major upgrade to the StudioZap set of tools, StudioZap Suite 2.0, is now available!

The biggest enhancement is the addition of StudioZap Eazy Mats™, a powerful yet easy-to-use tool for creating realistic mats of any size or shape. For a demonstration, check out this demonstration video that illustrates how to create a custom 9-opening double-mat from scratch in about a minute!

StudioZap Proofs & Prints has also been updated with powerful new features, including optional image placement as Smart Objects, support for clipping masks (including adjustment layers), duplicating an images multiple times on a template (even at different aspect ratios or sizes), rotation support for images as well as entire orientation groups, alternate filename labels, basic templates and more!

StudioZap Guide Wizard has also been updated with a new Selection mode for adding guides based on the active selection, and the Splits mode has been updated to show the size and aspect ratio of each "split" in real-time as values are changed.

Finally, a brand new 50+ page user's guide explains how to take advantage of these cool tools, including step-by-step examples!


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