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#1 Mar 24 2008 18:43:32


StudioZap Suite 3 -- New features + Mac compatibility!

The StudioZap team is pleased to announce the release of StudioZap Suite 3.

You've hopefully already noticed the fresh new look to the web site... but the biggest news is that the StudioZap Suite is now compatible with the Mac (yayyyy!!)

In addition to many fixes, enhancements and changes "behinds the scenes" (such as simple installation even for Windows Vista users), there are plenty of new features worth mentioning in detail:

Proofs & Prints has a new option to print each created document on-the-fly. This was requested by users who print their own proof books "in house" such as to a color laser printer. In addition, the template creation actions have been greatly enhanced. Layers names are now more intuitive, new image regions are colored in a predictable manner, and you can now create template image regions using the Shape tool in Paths mode (in addition to the regular Marquee tool). The "Add Filename" action has been enhanced to automatically position the filename in the lower-left corner of the image region, making it a more useful "default" and easier to drag to a new location.

Eazy Mats has been enhanced with updated mat cores along with all-new mat textures. These should improve the appearance of the digital mats you create, especially at higher resolutions typically used for prints.

Albums & Collages has received the coolest new feature, the Insert Image tool! There's a video in the Tutorials section that gives a brief overview of some of its capabilities... it's definitely worth checking out. The Insert Image tool is going to make creating album pages right in Photoshop a total breeze... whether from scratch or populating an existing template! In addition, the "Tilt" actions have been updated to work with P&P templates, making it easier than ever to create templates that have rotated elements. And like the Insert Image tool, Super Placer has been updated to label images inserted via Bridge with a "Placed" label, making it easy to keep track of which images you've already used. (This enhanced Bridge integration is only available in CS3!)

There are some new "bonuses" for StudioZap Suite 3 clients too... there's a complete set of Gallery Wrap actions (you can see a preview in the Goodies section) along with a new tool that converts your Proofs & Prints templates to ProSelect format (a tool to go the other way also exists.) It's worth noting that ProSelect templates are limited to squares and rectangles, so any other image region shapes will be converted. However, this tool does make it much easier to combine the power of P&P templates with the presentation abilities of ProSelect. After your client has approved the general layout, you can use the new Insert Image tool to create the final product quickly and easily.

As you can see, StudioZap Suite 3 is better than ever... and we're really excited to be on-board with the Mac community!


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