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StudioZap Eazy Mats™

The easiest digital mats in Photoshop. Period.

New in version 3! All-new mat cores and mat textures—from traditional to contemporary!

Eazy Mats sample digital mat

a sample 5x7 double-layer mat (created in seconds) to see one for yourself... add your own picture and send it to your lab with your next order to get the “full experience”!
“My clients actually have walked up to samples to touch them because they thought the mats were real.”
— R.S., Pennsylvania

Need a quick mat? No problem. Just click on a texture, pick a core color and thickness, and “Create New Mat”. Then use Photoshop's Marquee or Shape tools to cut openings in the mat in whatever size or shape you need!

Want a mat that can be automatically filled as a template for Proofs & Prints? Create your mat and then use “Make P&P Group” to create mat openings based on your selection or Shape! It really is that simple.

Already have your images placed and need to dress it up? Create a mat and cut openings for all of your images with a single click!

EazyMats User Interface

Watch and Learn

A great way to get acquainted with Eazy Mats is to go to the tutorials section and watch a short demonstration video that shows how simple it is to create a custom multi-image double-mat from scratch. You can also watch another video that illustrates how to create this lettered mat in just 90 seconds from start to finish:

Please note that the proper spelling of this design tool is "Eazy Mats" and not "EZMats".

Studio Benefits

  • Improve sales by offering custom-matted prints as an upgrade to your clients
  • Sell more of your images by offering larger-sized products with multiple mat openings
  • Set yourself apart from other studios by offering unique layouts to your clients
  • Sell larger prints and frames — with samples to show clients, you can easily sell an 8x10 that has an Eazy Mat instead of just a “plain” 5x7
  • Allows you to work with non-standard image sizes — after free-form cropping, for example — by using an Eazy Mat to return the image back to a standard print size
  • Create “incentive products” with Eazy Mats that are only available when clients reach a certain price point to increase sales
  • Use Eazy Mats to create traditional-looking multi-opening matted album pages for parent and grandparent albums
  • Works great to enhance images intended for display in digital photo frames or in online albums (such as Facebook)

Key Features

  • No restrictions on mat opening shape. You can “cut” anything! Rectangles, circles, ovals, rounded rectangles, triangles, polygons, stars, hearts, letters, numbers...
  • No pre-defined sizes: cut a mat opening at any size and any aspect ratio
  • Mats can be any color and textured with over 35 built-in mat textures (or apply your own!)
  • Choose from three different mat bevel thicknesses (thin, medium, thick) and mat core colors (black, gray, white)
  • Includes a custom font to easily create “letter mats” (such as “I♥DADDY”)
  • Change an existing mat's texture and core type by simply re-running Eazy Mats
  • Selection expansion feature for square and rectangular shaped mats allows you to create double and triple mats with any inter-mat spacing in seconds
  • Special features for creating automatic matted templates for Proofs & Prints
  • Works directly in Photoshop CS2, CS3 or CS4... no external programs or bunches of actions and pre-made files to deal with!
  • Easy-to-use interface for creating and cutting mats
  • Remembers last-used settings for extra efficiency