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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these tools really as awesome as the testimonials make them out to be?

Actually they're even better!

Why don't you offer a free trial?

Unfortunately there isn't any way to effectively time-limit Photoshop actions, so offering trial versions isn't an option. Unlike some other products, the StudioZap tools are designed to work directly in Photoshop for maximum efficiency—they aren't powered by a clunky, executable front-end that is always “floating on top” and taking up additional resources. One way to become better acquainted with the tools is to watch some of the videos in the Client Center and see them in action for yourself. And of course, if you have specific questions about features and capabilities, you can always contact us.

All of the Proofs & Prints templates that I can see in the Template Library are available to StudioZap clients?

Yes. You can use those templates as-is, modify them to suit your needs, and use them as examples when creating your own templates. (They're all just layered Photoshop .psd files so you work with a tool you're already familiar with!)

What is your upgrade policy?

StudioZap offers 60-day version protection on all purchases. If a new version of StudioZap Suite is released within 60 days of your purchase date we will automatically upgrade you to the current version free of charge. In addition, all clients are entitled to free updates. (An upgrade is defined as a “major release” and an update is defined as a “dot release”. For instance, if you purchased version 2.2 of StudioZap Suite, version 2.3 would be a free update, and version 3.0 would be available as an upgrade at a discounted price.)

How can I tell which version I have installed?

Simply click on the StudioZap logo in any of the tools.

Is Photoshop CS6, CS5, CS4 or CS3 really required to use the StudioZap tools?

Yes. These tools take advantage of some of the advanced features that are only available in Photoshop CS3 or later.

So if I have Photoshop CS or earlier I need to upgrade?

Yup. (It's totally worth it!)

Do the StudioZap tools work on a Mac?

Yes — a Mac version of StudioZap Suite is available!

Will the tools work with Windows 7 or Vista?

The StudioZap tools work fine under Windows 7, Vista or XP.

I've heard rumors that there are additional tools that aren't even described on your web site. Is that true?!

It is true. And it basically comes down to the fact that it's more fun to write cool tools for Photoshop than it is to write web pages about them. So there are indeed “bonus tools” available for download in the Client Center.

One of the tools converts ProSelect templates to Proofs & Prints format. Another converts templates designed in Photoshop to ProSelect format (no more having to put up with ProSelect's template editor!) Yet another saves the current image and automatically opens the next (or previous) image in the folder (some call this an “autoloader”) — which is a huge timesaver when pre-touching a client session!

The full 16-variant GalleryWrap action set is yet another bonus for StudioZap Suite 3 clients (but you can get one of the variants right now from the Goodies section!)

More FAQ's coming soon!