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StudioZap Guide Wizard

Precision guides whenever you need them.

Guide Wizard allows you to easily create new documents with precisely-placed guides or to add guides to an open Photoshop document. It's also the perfect complement for making templates with Proofs & Prints, for creating perfectly aligned mats in Eazy Mats™ and for working with album pages with Albums & Collages (just set up various size presets for your favorite albums and you're good to go!)

Photoshop guides provide you with “snappable” references that can be used to indicate margins, center points, divisions, image positions, template openings and more. With Guide Wizard, creating a perfectly-aligned complex multi-image template is a snap! (Pun intended.) And with three different operating modes — Common for simple margin guides and typical divisions (halves, thirds, quarters), Splits for dividing a document into an exact number of “cells” with any spacing that you want and Selection for adding guides at, inside or outside your current selection — there's always a way to get exactly the guides you want.

And by clicking the Limit to selected region instead of entire document checkbox, you can use the Marquee tool to restrict guide creation to exactly where you need them.

For what it's worth, several clients have said that they could not live without Guide Wizard. It may not seem like much reading the description, but once you've experience it, you'll agree that it really is the ultimate replacement for File > New... (and so much more!)

What Guide Wizard looks like

Guide Wizard user interface

If you want to see more, several of the videos in the tutorials section show Guide Wizard in action.

Key Features

  • Create new documents with precisely-placed guides
  • Add guides to any open Photoshop document
  • Limit guide creation to a selected region instead of the entire document
  • Three unique operating modes: Common, Splits and Selection
  • Splits mode shows the size and aspect ratio of each cell on-the-fly as values are changed
  • Easily specify where guides will be positioned by using simple checkboxes and sliders
  • Quickly save and load presets with your most common document sizes and guide layouts. (Perfect for album pages and other often-used settings!)
  • Simple to use, with pop-up tooltips on all items:
    HelpTip sample
  • Remembers last-used settings for improved efficiency