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StudioZap Proofs & Prints

The ultimate Photoshop template tool.

New in version 3! New actions for easier template creation, plus optionally print created documents as they are generated! (Perfect for in-house proofbooks!)

We all know that time is money. And Proofs & Prints is a sure-fire way to decrease the amount of time you spend preparing proofs and creating print products for your clients. Increase your efficenicy with totally automatic creation of your multi-image offerings, and streamline your workflow with awesome looking proofs, proofbooks or web gallery images!

With Proofs & Prints, the only limitation is your imagination. Whether you are creating traditional paper proofs, digital proofs for web presentation, multi-image print products to sell to your clients or just resizing and watermarking photos, with just a few clicks of the mouse you can turn your images into fantastic products that will make your customers go “wow!”

Proofs & Prints works in and uses templates that you create right in Photoshop CS2 or CS3 — there's no need to learn a new program and you don't need to figure out how to record complex actions to get Photoshop to do what you want. Just visually design your template to look however you want, following a few simple rules to indicate where to place the photo(s), and you're done! No complex actions to edit, no cumbersome manual interaction.

Click icons above to see examples of some of the templates available in the Template Library!

You can include anything you want in your template: studio logos, translucent overlays, sloppy borders, decorative objects, copyright text, clipping masks, adjustment layers, even the image filename in any size, typeface, color and orientation you want... and Proofs & Prints will do all the work. Make single-image templates for individual proofs and web galleries, or create multi-image templates with as many images as you need for cool products! Advanced features let you handle horizontal, portrait and square orientation images differently if desired... crop images automatically to fit your template openings or have them scaled to fit with no cropping... automatic rotation (even to random angles!) and duplication of source images... the possibilities are endless!

Use Proofs & Prints to create custom proofs in common proof sizes like 4x5, 4x6, 5x5 and 5x7, or in larger sizes (like 8x10, 10x10 and 10x15) for multi-image proof books and proof magazines. Or design templates for unique products like sports “memory mates”, collages, storyboards or anything else you want, with absolutely no size, resolution or style restrictions on anything!

What Proofs & Prints looks like

Proofs & Prints user interface

Key Features

  • All Proofs & Prints templates are just standard Photoshop files! No proprietary file formats to deal with.
  • Included actions make template design easy for beginners... just make a selection with the Marquee or Shape tools where you want your image placed and click!
  • No design or resolution restrictions — create high-resolution templates for prints and low-resolution templates for online proofing or web sites. (You can even scale existing templates to whatever size or resolution you need by just loading the template into Photoshop and using Image > Image Size...)
  • Image regions can be any size or shape (including vector shapes like stars and hearts) and can contain masks to create feathered edges, sloppy borders, etc.
  • Adding a filename is as simple as creating a Text layer named “Filename” and styling and positioning it where desired
  • Real multi-orientation support. Templates can optionally handle portrait, landscape and square images independently, allowing total creative control. For example, you can position elements (such as the filename) differently for portrait and landscape images in the same template so they always read “right side up“...
    Template Portrait/Landscape Example
  • Create single-image or multi-image templates
  • Full support for rotated image regions—including a “random” option to create variable output from the same template
  • Duplicate a source image multiple times on one template — even at different sizes or aspect ratios (make your own “print paks”!)
  • Runs directly in Photoshop CS2 or CS3 so you can be sure of the highest-quality image processing
  • Templates are easily created and modified using standard Photoshop tools and features, and actions are included to make creating templates even easier
  • Unused image regions on the last page are automatically removed for a professional, finished appearance
  • Optionally place images as full-resolution Smart Objects for unrestricted editing of generated PSD files
  • Optionally use Adobe Bridge to make selecting images to insert into templates a breeze
  • Output flattened JPEGs, layered Photoshop PSD files (which allows full editing of the generated files), or both at the same time. Your original files are safe.
  • Optionally create web-optimized JPEGs that are stripped of unnecessary metadata to reduce file size without affecting quality
  • Optionally run an action of your choosing on-the-fly to adjust images automatically
  • Simple to use, with pop-up tooltips on all items:
    HelpTip sample
  • Save naming and output options on a per-template basis for improved efficiency