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Client Testimonials

Here are a few randomly selected comments about our tools:

Proofs & Prints is an amazing product that is a steal for the price! I've gone from printing 4x5 single proofs to beautiful and professional 10x10 proof books that "wow" my clients. The StudioZap tools makes this so fast and simple, but it looks like I've spent hours on each page! I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to enhance their creativity and image.

— T.L.T., Texas

Proofs & Prints has allowed me to create proofs for my clients in much less than half the time it took before I got it! I am able to offer my
clients an assortment of personalized products that take very little
time to design and even less time to produce. I would recommend these tools to anyone that is interested in enhancing their business!

— T.C., Nebraska

Using Proofs & Prints has enabled us to create "custom" 8x10 dual orientation proof book pages, something our pro lab doesn't even support yet. We recently used Proofs & Prints to do on-site proofing. This allowed us to show a nicer "cropped" and "custom border" proof to the clients almost instantly. StudioZap fits so well into the digital workflow, even allowing us to call actions as part of the process. This software is cool! We use it for so many things now.

— B.B., Indiana

Second only to PhotoShop itself, the StudioZap tools are the best software investment I have ever made. Why? Because it has reduced my image workflow to a tenth of what it was before using PhotoShop alone. Whether it's processing an entire high school team's sports pictures or designing a 45-spread 10x20 wedding album with 350 images, I can do it all in a fraction of the time it takes me with other software that I've spent as much as $499 on. I literally use the StudioZap suite every day on every job in one way or another.

— R.L., Michigan

The flexibility of the StudioZap suite is AMAZING (and addicting!) The possibilities are endless and the results are fantastic. Thanks for such a user-friendly and helpful set of products.

— D.B., Massachusetts